Meet The Designer

Qwishuna Smith

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Qwishuna releases a touch of her urban background, as well as facets of Eastern culture and the Victorian era, throughout her Lobe Dangle line. 

Fed up with the trendiness of modern-day accessories, Qwishuna was determined to create an accessory line, using her great knack for attention and detail that crosses fashion boundaries for those who don't care to fit in. She DARED to evolve accessories as we know it, colliding the worlds of leather, accessories, and sometimes metals. 

With a spirit of excellence and a commitment to her craft, Qwishuna ensures that each Lobe Dangle piece speaks volumes to its wearer, daring them to step outside the box!

As a designer who’s very attentive to detail, it is consistently my goal to create a body of work that is not only original, but one that is flawlessly made with fine craftsmanship. Overall, it is my desire that this inspired collection will be cherished by its carriers, and worn with dignity and honor.